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I’m rejoined a weekly tradition since I’ve been back in Charlottesville, SFFD. A close friend of ours started SFFD with her family and has passed along the tradition of Sunday Family Dinner to our little foursome. We alternate cooking and tonight was our night. I’ve still got that autumn food obsession and after a cold morning volunteering with the Junior League of Charlottesville, all I wanted was soup! Luckily I had picked up a butternut squash at the Farmers’ Market yesterday and decided on this Savory Butternut Squash soup. I had nearly everything at the house and roasted the squash, onion and apples with the spices in the oven. Once that mixture was soft, I dumped the tray in my dutch oven and added the broth. I then used my immersion blender instead of a regular blender to liquify the soup. It just dawned on me, I forgot the garlic! Quite out of the ordinary for me, especially with garlic! But I added a pinch more salt and several grinds of pepper during the simmer process and didn’t know the difference. Now I am really curious about how the garlic will change the flavor. I’m libel to try this again next week for version two: with garlic. I added a bit of cream at the end, but after tasting the before and after, I don’t think the cream is completely necessary.

One small squash in the recipe and it made over six cups of soup!

One small squash in the recipe and it made over six cups of soup!

We paired the soup with some gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, with grilled onions and extra sharp Cabot cheddar. Yum! After dinner I remembered the caramel in the cupboard I had purchased a week ago and it almost burning a hole in my pocket! I decided to whip up a couple carmel apples. We had just bought apples this afternoon and I couldn’t resist.

Sprinkles for me, roasted peanuts for the BF!

Sprinkles were my choice, roasted peanuts were the BF!

Sunday’s are always a nice, relaxing time with the crew and it feels great to be back with everyone again. Happy Sunday, y’all! Have a great week.