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Yep, you read that right, it’s a pancake BLT. I pinned this Rachel Ray recipe about a month ago and was just waiting for a nice lazy Sunday to test it out. Last weekend revealed itself to be the perfect opportunity to create this epic sandwich. We didn’t even need to go to the store before hand, everything we needed was on hand. Full disclosure, we did substitute the described waffles for pancakes due to the lack of a waffle maker. But, it did not detract from the deliciousness! Here goes:

First, the batter – whole wheat flour, heaps of herbs and a handful of delicious sharp cheddar. This alone would be savory and delicious!

Starts with a simple pancake/waffle batter.

Starts with a simple pancake/waffle batter.

Second, we grilled them on our stove top cast iron griddle.

A strong test of will not to just eat these off the griddle.

A strong test of will not to just eat these off the griddle.

Third, we pulled together the inside ingredients of the sandwich. We had some Farmer’s Market cherry tomatoes to use up, decided on spinach over traditional lettuce and the BF cooked up some bacon in the oven. We mixed up some fresh maple syrup and dijon mustard on the side as well.

The inside of this epic sandwich.

The inside of this legendary sandwich.

Once the bacon was fully cooked we were ready to assemble our creation. We spread the syrup/mustard mixture on the bottom pancake, piled on bacon, tomatoes and spinach, added more of the syrup mixture to the inside of the second pancake and stacked it on top.

My masterpiece!

My masterpiece!

It was every bit as good as expected! Admittedly, I am not a huge bacon eater, so I only had half a slice of bacon on mine, just to experience the combination of all flavors. The side of the sandwich without bacon was still really yummy, but bacon does add another level of great taste. These sandwiches were heavenly and the perfect Sunday morning treat. Just wanted to give you all another reason to look forward to the weekend! Happy Hump Day!


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