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Juice Cleanse

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My eating habits have evolved (or maybe devolved) over the last few months. Being out of my own apartment and living with friends, then moving back to Charlottesville and adjusting to eating with someone else regularly, has sent my diet off the rails a little bit. Not that I have minded, I have been indulging in delicious foods but my body was starting to mind. I have been contemplating the juice cleanse for a couple months now, just waiting for the right juice regimen and the right timing. I finally pulled the trigger last week and purchased a Groupon for Juice in the Raw’s Whenever Cleanse. It was delivered to my door and I started it on Monday. Each day consists of six juices, two green, two fruity, one beet and a coconut at night.

A few of my daily selections.

A few of my daily selections.

I liked Juice in the Raw because it offered a fair amount to drink during the day and allowed one raw vegetable during each of the three days as well. I knew I would miss being able to chew! Each bottle does have a fair bit of sugar, but it is natural sugar.

I am absolutely spoiled because the BF agreed to participate with me. I mentioned that it was going to be tough to do the juice when he was eating real food, and he showed his adventurous side and offered to join in. We are now two days into the three day cleanse and feeling pretty good. I have managed a couple of moderate workouts during the last two days and haven’t felt overwhelmingly hungry or nauseous. I have felt lighter and actually been a bit more productive at work. One day to go tomorrow! We are both looking forward to eating real meals again, especially an anniversary dinner on Thursday, but are motivated to make an effort to get back to eating a bit healthier. Wish us luck!


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