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New Shoes!

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I rarely have to be persuaded to purchase new shoes, I’m a bit of a fanatic. And I can almost always count on my dear friend Sio, from HappyLifeHappyWife, to help justify my purchase and sometimes even encourage me! That is exactly what she did a couple weeks ago. Toms happen to be a shoe brand we are both are somewhat partial towards, especially when they are on sale. We both keep an our eye on Zulily, as they are known to have flash sales with great prices and a great selection. I have several pairs of the wedges and absolutely live in them during the summer and have a pair flats in good rotation during the fall and spring!

I was on my way to Virginia when I got an email from Sio letting me know Toms were on sale the next day on Zulily. I was in between jobs but I knew I couldn’t resist, especially when I saw the college colors versions were part of the selection!

Perfect for the new job!

Perfect for the new job!

The addition of these UVa colors is just what I “needed” for the new job and the $30 savings wasn’t too shabby either. I decided it was a “Congrats on the new job” present to myself. The trick with Zulily is the ordering process, they order after customers order, so you have to wait for the first shipment and then for your own shipping, which often takes a few weeks. These orange and blue lovelies came in a few days ago so I broke them out last weekend for the football game and am already getting rave reviews. A great shoe for a great deal, I’m pretty pleased with my purchase. Happy shopping!



P.S. According to a deal with the BF, I think I have to find a pair of shoes to ditch in order to bring this pair into the house, but TBD on the outcome of that proposal…


One thought on “New Shoes!

  1. So cute! I love them. You definitely needed those!

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