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Pushing into Fall

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I eat a fairly vegetarian diet, not on purpose always but I don’t often cook meat just for myself. That being said, even though I am back in Charlottesville with the BF, I had to try out this new Sweet Potato Corn Cake recipe, which had been on my Pinterest board for months!

The Charlottesville farmers’ market is a downgrade from Madison, which isn’t surprising, and the cheese selection is sub-par, but it’s still awesome to stroll in downtown Charlottesville and pick-up fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and sometime a treat. We picked up a few sweet potatoes over the weekend at the market for this recipe, and a bunch of cilantro and some green onions. From there the recipe came together pretty easily. We roasted the potatoes, first in the oven and when they were being stubborn, we finished it in the microwave, as the recipe recommended. While it was cooking we chopped the green onions, cilantro, washed the corn and combined the spices. The BF likes a kick to his food, so I added some extra cayenne. I used panko breadcrumbs, cornmeal and mixed it all up. We were getting a little hungry at this point, so I tried to speed up the absorption process they described by putting it in the freezer. I don’t think it actually worked but because the mashed mixture was so cold forming the patties was easy, they weren’t sticky and held together well.

Pre-cooked Sweet Potato Corn Cakes. The only picture I managed to capture. We held out a little to late for dinner!

Pre-cooked Sweet Potato Corn Cakes. The only picture I managed to capture. We held out a little to late for dinner!

While the mashed mixture was in the freezer, I whipped up the garlic sauce. I added a scoop of garlic and handful of cilantro to a cup of plain Greek yogurt. In hindsight, I would have done the sauce the night before, it was lacking a little bit of flavor. We added a little extra garlic and a touch of salt to add flavor the first night. However, the next day, with leftovers, the garlic sauce definitely packed a bigger flavor.

We cooked the patties on the stove top in a touch of oil, drained them and served them over lettuce with the garlic sauce for a nice dinner. Definitely a recipe that will go in the recipe box for another night.

This was great fuel for my running plan. I’m back in my routine and hitting my stride during interval days and feeling good on the long runs. Happy Monday all, seize your week!


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  1. Yummy treat!

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