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Tailgate Food!

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It’s the first official Saturday of college football season! It is always a highlight of the year for me and I enjoy taking in football in the stadium and on TV. This weekend I settled for TV as the Badgers are on the road in Houston, facing LSU this evening. I picked up a few fresh ingredients at the Farmers’ Market again this morning and dug out some tailgating recipes to snack on while we watch the big game. 

I couldn’t pass-up the grape tomatoes again this morning at the market so I whipped up the warm tomato bruschetta from last week’s post. Still delicious! I also collected some ingredients I had to make a Corn Salad with Creamy Tomatillo Dressing. I had several ears of corn from the market, an avocado, jalapeño, fresh cilantro and onion on hand, so was able to whip up this yummy dish. I adapted the recipe slightly, partly based on what I had on hand, partly for health purposes. I opted not to char the corn, I’m not sure how much I like that deep char flavor and I was feeling just a little lazy. The tomatillo guacamole was easy to toss in the food processor, I added lots of fresh cilantro and garlic and it tasted delicious even before I added it to the rest of the salad. I’d say it was more of a salsa than a guacamole, it was good none the less. For the dressing, I used greek yogurt instead of mayo (personal preference) and Sriracha hot sauce and then combined it with the guacamole/salsa and poured it over the corn mixture. I added feta cheese over the top as well. It had quite a kick to it initially but as it has marinated today, I think the yogurt has calmed some of the spice. I can’t wait to put it over a salad, or nachos, or just eat it with chips. 

This isn’t traditional tailgate food but I’ll wait to break out the real stuff for the home games I am attending this fall! 

I hope you all are enjoying college football and an enjoyable holiday weekend! 


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