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New Running Shoes!

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A great day for a runner is the run they take to break in new shoes, or rather the run after they break in new shoes. Today was my first day in a pair of new kicks! I was a loyalist to the Nike Pegasus line for several iterations (25-27) then moved to Asics Gel Cumulus for my first marathon and my latest half-marathon. Earlier this month while in Portland, I was lucky enough to visit the Nike Employee Store. Besides being in heaven, I was looking to pick-up some practical goods. A new pair of running shoes was high on my priority list, as my last pair needed to be cycled out over two months ago! I went back to my old standbys and picked up a pair of Pegasus’ – they are up to 31! And they are bright pink!

Side view!

Side view of the new kicks!

 I have been in a rut lately on my runs so I was hoping a fresh pair of shoes would invigorate me some. I tested them out with a 5.5 mile trek near Lake Mendota this morning. I started off slow and then decided to try and descend my miles. It worked for the first four, and my fourth mile was pretty fast, so I wasn’t able to descend from there but my last 1.5 miles were still at a good pace. I think it was decent fresh start for my shoes and a good omen for my running. My toes didn’t get numb, the shoes had good cushion for my feet and legs and the laces stayed tied! All in all, I am looking forward to run number two in the Pegasus!

Got socks to match too!

Got matching socks too!


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