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Sunday Funday!

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This version of “Sunday Funday” wasn’t the traditional practice of that term, instead I spent another day in the kitchen! After sleeping in a bit and spending some time cleaning up around the house, I ventured to the local Piggly Wiggly in town to pick up the final supplies for the crockpot. I tried a Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe from a blog I found on Pinterest (of course!). 

It was a mostly healthy, but not quite the “clean” she advertises. I used a green pepper from the farmers’ market, real sugar and a fresh pineapple. Easy execution, I just tossed it all in the crock pot!

Simmering away in the crockpot!

Simmering away in the crockpot!

It’s hard to replicate the glaze of restaurant style sweet and sour chicken in the crockpot, but the sauce in this version was still good. It was on the thicker side, but the green peppers and pineapple were tender and delicious and the chicken was soft but just a tad dry. Definitely a recipe I’d use again! 

On the sweet side, I used the zucchini from the farmers’ market to make some zucchini bread and muffins, recipe coming soon! Have a great start to the week, everyone! 


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