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Movie Night!

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I am typically not a movie person but I found myself with a free evening and my current roommates, the awesome married couple boarding me in their basement, had rented the Veronica Mars movie. Now I was a fan of the TV series back in the day, sometime a little suspenseful for my taste but I liked the story. Kristen Bell is great as a P.I. and I like a little mild-drama. So, I curled up on the couch, the third, but welcome, wheel with my roomies, to catch up with Veronica and her friends. 

The movie was actually pretty good, a rouge and alarming gunshot aside. The story caught up with the crew at the time of their 10 year high school reunion, which coincidentally I also “celebrated” this summer. Veronica obviously found herself in some trouble, she was haunted by her past, and luckily escaped too much trouble in the end. The definitely left the story open at the end more a second movie… Time will tell! I hope you all are enjoying a relaxing end of the week, almost Friday! 


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