Adventures in the kitchen, in fitness and with glitter!


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We are taking advantage of the heat wave in Madison these days by spending some time on the water. More specifically, my friend’s (and current roommate) boat! We took it out for a spin this week after work and her husband packed all the toys!

We started off testing out their new tube, Big Mabel, a double tube. Her husband spun us in circles and we caught some serious air! Next came the wake board, my friends and snowboarding enthusiasts are far more talented on the wakeboard than I ever will be. Then my friend tried out the wake surfboard, where you are towed only about 10 feet behind the boat by the rope and ultimately you are supposed to drop the road and “surf” on the wake behind the boat… but we aren’t quite that advanced that just yet. Last we pulled out the water skis, the only water apparatus I am talented at, so I took a nice spin around the bay. It’s a bit of a workout too, I am definitely feeling some soreness in my arms this evening!

It's just like riding a bike! (sort of...)

It’s just like riding a bike! (sort of…)

We stopped off at the Memorial Union on campus for dinner – brats, grilled chicken, grilled corn-on-the-cob, delicious all around! Perfect summer evening in Madison, makes one forget about the long, cold winter (almost).

Gorgeous sunset on Lake Mendota!

Gorgeous sunset on Lake Mendota!


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