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A Trip to the Bourbon Trail

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I made a quick trip to Kentucky this weekend to attend a family friend’s wedding reception. The happy couple got married in Salzburg, Austria last month and are now hosting two state-side receptions for friends and family who couldn’t make it to Europe. Thankfully Louisville is about an equal trip from Madison and Charlottesville, so the BF joined me in KY.

It was my first road trip in a while, but it was a pretty trip on the way down, heading straight east.

A shot from the solo drive through Indiana.

A shot from the solo drive through Indiana.


We made the most of our time in Louisville, one stop was the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Our first stop was Marker’s Mark. This tour was recommended by our family friend and it did not disappoint! The grounds of the distillery were amazing and the tour lasted well over an hour, we saw how the grains were combined, the fermentation barrels bubbling and the bottling center, which was the coolest. We saw the bourbon filling the bottles, labeled and the hand-dipping of the top of the bottle in the signature red wax!

View from the courtyard at Maker's Mark

View from the courtyard at Maker’s Mark

Bourbon Wagon!

Bourbon Wagon!

The barrels hold the good stuff!

The barrels hold the good stuff!

We even dipped our own bottle in red wax in the gift shop! We also visited the Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center, home of Evan Williams and Elijah Craig bourbons, but after Maker’s Mark we’d had our fill.

Saturday night was the reason for our trip, a wonderful reception celebrating an awesome couple! It was so fun we didn’t take a single picture until the last minute of the night, in the driveway, on our way out.

Party People

Party People

The reception had great Kentucky BBQ, some bourbon, awesome homemade carrot cake and great conversation! Then Sunday it was back on the road, heading north to Wisconsin, with my heart thankful for good times with the BF, friends who are like family and enjoying a new place.




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  1. Amazing sunrise image…

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