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Viva Las Vegas!

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My travel-filled month continued last weekend as I made a quick trip to Las Vegas! This was a girls’ trip I made with two of my best friends from college and my first legal-age excursion to Vegas.

Daytime adventure on The Strip!

Daytime adventure on The Strip!

We spent some serious time by the pool, got in a few workouts (as former college swimmers we couldn’t help ourselves), then it was on to drinks and gambling! I am not the adventurous gambling-type so my personal limit was pretty small but it was still fun to explore the different casinos, see all the card tables and various types of machines. We took long walks down the strip checking out hotels and caught the fountains at the Bellagio and the Fall of Atlantis show at Caesars Palace.

Smoke and Fire

Enjoyed the smoke and fire!

We ran across these awesome benches in the Luxor, they were made from recycled license plates! They were super cool and a few of them were all Montana plates, a little throw back to home! If I could get my hands on that many plates, I would definitely attempt a footstool.



We even made it down to Freemont Street in downtown Las Vegas, interesting street walking experience! Overall, it was a great weekend and fun to connect with old friends, reminiscing for a fun weekend.


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