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The Big Move!

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Sappy-sentiment alert: I am going to bed tonight extremely thankful for my BF. He donated his entire weekend to helping my move out of my apartment. We hauled everything ourselves and although I am currently apartment-less, he supports me in everything I do.

The apartment echoes around us and we are sleeping on an air mattress for one last time on Sheboygan Ave. The bare walls are a testament to our hard work and tired hands.


Tomorrow brings the same job but new possibilities on the horizon! More to come on that.

We did manage to do a few couple-ly things this weekend, including date night at a trendy restaurant on the Capitol Sqaure- Merchant, I highly recommend the cocktails and cheese curds! Followed by Rhythm and Booms, an annual celebration in Madison, fireworks put to music that is broadcast on a local radio station. We sat by the water on Lake Monona at dusk last night to watch the show. A great primer for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday!



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