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Moving Time!

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I am in box-city these days. I have been slowly packing up my apartment this week, preparing to vacate this weekend. It has resulting in a wall of boxes around my apartment’s perimeter. My current situation is a bit in limbo – where I am going to live, if/when my boyfriend and I will reunite – all that combined with the end of my lease this month, has forced me into packing up.

The walls are moving in!

The walls are moving in!

I was lucky enough to acquire some boxes from the volleyball equipment manger at work. She has been receiving large amounts of gear for her teams for the 2014-15 academic year, so she has a collection of boxes. These sturdy adidas boxes will serve my purpose well. This weekend I make a move with the majority of my belongings to a storage unit for temporary holding. My necessities and I will move to my co-worker and friend’s house in Cross Plains for the month of July. Hopefully, by then my life will hold far less ambiguity. My awesome BF is coming this Saturday to help me move things and to spend a bit of QT together.

Moving is always a daunting, any tips out there? Wish me luck!


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