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Avocado and Feta!

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Avocados and feta are two of my favorite foods! So tonight I combined them in a delicious spread. This recipe from Food Network had been pinned on my Pinterest page for many months until I whipped it up in Montana while home last Christmas. Since then I’ve been hooked! It’s a simple recipe and tonight it was a spur of the moment decision, as I found a couple ripe avocados in my fridge after the long weekend away.

Quick list of ingredients!

Quick list of ingredients!

Sauté the red onion and jalapeños for just a bit, then add the mixture along with an avocado, feta, lemon juice and cilantro to a food processor. In this iteration I used canned jalapeños because I was lacking a fresh pepper, then scrounged around for dried cilantro in the spice cupboard. Zap it for a few minutes, add salt to taste and you’re done!

Looks like guacamole, but so much more!

Looks like guacamole, but so much more!

I like to chill it for a bit then swipe carrots or tortilla chips in it while I am at home. Tomorrow I’ve packed this dip along with some bread to toast and carrots for lunch. Hope everyone has had a great Monday. Happy Cooking!


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