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On the move again…

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Tonight marks another evening spend packing, for another trip. I don’t intentionally sound annoyed by this routine, I actually look forward to my travels, but the ritual of packing seems to stress me out. After years of overpacking to swim meets, athletic competitions and the like, I have now turned packing into a science. It begins with a layout of the days and nights I will be gone, an analysis of the weather and an outline of activities predicted for the travel. And then I fill it in with the clothing to wear for those activities so it narrows down what I put in my suitcase.

Not lacking in detail...

Not lacking in detail…

The items are crossed off as the pieces of clothing are rolled and tucked into my suitcase. It has actually reigned in my packing and made it easier to hoist my suitcase into the overhead bins! Final product.

Hope it zips!

Hope it zips!

Off to Toronto tomorrow and on to Viamede Resort for another beautiful wedding! Have a great weekend!



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