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Kebobs on the Grill

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Kebobs had been in the works since last week, my fridge packed with the chicken, bell peppers and red onion. However, I didn’t get around to the grilling portion until this evening. I marinated the chicken in italian dressing overnight and cut up the bell peppers and onion, added black pepper and garlic salt and shook them up in a bag with a half a tablespoon of olive oil. After soaking the kebob sticks in water, I laced up the vegetables and chicken and tucked the extra veggies into a tinfoil packet.

Ready for the grill!

Ready for the grill!

A quick 10-15 minutes on the grill and the veggies were tender and the chicken cooked through. I was ready to eat! There was plenty of food for just me, so now I have a nice stash of leftovers for lunch the next couple days. Looking forward to it! I have a zucchini and squash left in the fridge, but those will have to wait for another day.


Grilling is a sure sign of summer!


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