Adventures in the kitchen, in fitness and with glitter!

Adventures on Lake Mendota!

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I had a spontaneous adventure after work and it was wonderful! My friend texted me mid-morning and asked if I wanted to take a ride on her boat post-work. It took .02 seconds to contemplate that decision before I answered with a resounding YES! We are currently in the middle of a Wisconsin heat-wave, it reached well above 80 degrees today with a heavy dose of humidity, so an evening on Lake Mendota was the perfect remedy!

Snippets of the evening!

Snippets of the evening!

Yep, that’s me on a rope swing! Another impulsive decision that was nerve wracking and thrilling, as I released and crashed into the cool waters.

Our crew of eight cruised around the lake, wind in our hair, taking in the sights, the waves, and the sunset. It was a truly memorable and wonderful evening. No cooking, no cleaning, no distractions – an unplugged and freeing experience, it felt great. A strong start to the week that will end in another wonderful wedding celebration in Toronto. Counting down the days!

Happy Monday all!

I'll be dreaming of this view, and this feeling, all week!

I’ll be dreaming of this view, and this feeling, all week!


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