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The Celebration

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As you know the premise of our trip to the Cape last week was to celebrate the nuptials of  two of our closest friends from Charlottesville. The bride’s family has long had a vacation cottage on the Cape and it was her dream to get married there. The setting and festivities did not disappoint!

The celebration started on Thursday with the rehearsal and then the rehearsal dinner. The dinner was held at the bride’s favorite restaurant on the Cape – Moby Dick’s in Wellfleet. On our last trip to Cape Cod we tried it out on her recommendation and it was delicious, so I was looking forward to going back, the Clam Chowder is exquisite! The bride’s sister, also the MOH, DIY’ed the decorations and they were absolutely adorable. The table names were local towns and looked like replicas of the township roadsigns seen along the highway. The name plates were of a similar design, complete with the glittered emblem – too cute!

My seat for the rehearsal dinner. So charming!

My seat for the rehearsal dinner. So charming!

The next day was the wedding, held at Chatham Bars Inn (CBI) in Chatham. It was the best day weather-wise we’d seen yet, a good omen for the ceremony that was held on the beach. My BF was the best man so he departed early to do whatever it is the groom and groomsmen do before the ceremony (drink beer from what I gathered). CBI was a quick walk from our house, so those of us not involved in the wedding party walked down the beach to the ceremony.

Too picturesque not to capture!

Too picturesque not to capture!

The ceremony was held with the ocean as the backdrop and the bride’s brother-in-law as the officiant. It combined traditional wedding rituals with some Persian customs from the groom’s family. All together, it was fantastic and brought me so much joy and of course tears. The BF’s part in the ceremony also went off without a hitch, even if he did have to untangle the bride’s wedding band from the ribbon in the ring box during the groom’s vows.

Then it was time to party! We caught the bride and groom for our only picture with them of the night early in the cocktail hour, before we broke it down on the dance floor.

With the Bride and Groom!

With the Bride and Groom!

The BF also had a speech to give during the reception. I was too busy being nervous and then crying to take pictures but needless to say he delivered it flawlessly. His sentiment was thoughtful, touching and hardly left a dry eye in the house. Decor-wise, my favorite details were the personalized seashells with our table numbers, what an incredible touch!

Check out that calligraphy!

Check out that calligraphy!

The evening flew by, starting with a delicious dinner. Everyone said it was the best steak they had ever tasted, as a non-red meat eater, I took their word for it. Then drinks, some delicious desserts, and lots of dancing. The Good Old Song from UVa rounded out the memorable evening at CBI. It was such a fun occasion and I was so happy to be there to celebrate with such wonderful friends! #Fashanderman2014



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