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Race to the Cape

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The Szlizzer Van or Team Szlizzer was the first car that made it to the Cape. (Bride and Groom as the exception). That meant it was our duty to load in provisions, supplies, luggage and additional people. We loaded up my brother’s Subaru Outback, he conveniently lives in Boston and generously donated his car to us for the week, and packed in groceries from Costco and the local Market Basket. (Is that a New England thing?) We even managed to pick up our fifth passenger while stopped in traffic in downtown Boston, she literally rolled into the car, tossing her suitcase on another passenger’s lap. Totally safe. And then we were off! First to arrive also meant we started the party – gin and tonics for all and cards! 


Little did I know this would be the first of infinity games of Asshole played throughout the week.

Our arrival on Wednesday also coincided with our friend introducing the house to an old waitressing friend from Northern Virginia, who would later be known as “Alex of the Cape” or AOTC. She swept us into town to visit some local watering holes. They did not disappoint. AOTC was an awesome tour guide and surprising but welcome addition to our group through the weekend. Here is a quick picture of the survivors of the first night. After a rowdy opening night (Spice Girls karaoke may have been involved…), we knew we would survive the week.


Night One group! Photography by AOTC.

Rehearsal dinner coming tomorrow!!



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