Adventures in the kitchen, in fitness and with glitter!

Pre-Race Prep

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The first portion of the Madison Marathon started tonight with a Twilight 10K. There is a challenge for the hardcore people to run the 10K tonight followed by the 13.1 tomorrow morning. Others can opt for only the 10K which is what two of my friends from work tonight. It was a beautiful night for a run so my running partner tomorrow and I posted up on the course and cheered on our friends.

Sun setting over Camp Randall.

Sun setting over Camp Randall.

Before heading out for my cheerleader duties, I fueled up for tomorrow with some carbs for dinner. I had a nutritious salad with fresh carrots, red onion and peppers accompanied by some whole wheat pasta. I prepared the pasta with some red pesto and added fresh veggies and some of the chicken I grilled earlier in the week.

Food = Fuel!

Food = Fuel!

It was delicious! Feeling rested and ready to go for tomorrow. Wish me luck!



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