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Final Preparations!

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Race day is almost here! In less than 36 hours I will (hopefully) be almost done with the Madison Marathon half-marathon! After work today, I was off to downtown to check out the race expo. I picked up my race packet including bib number, map (which I have already studied well) and race shirt. With the winter training plan and a hectic work schedule, I can’t believe race day is here already!

I did my final training run yesterday, a quick but easy 2.5 miles. It felt good and traced a little bit of the course, the hills are going to be brutal! For some exercise today, I splashed around for a nice, easy 2,200 m swim and tomorrow will walk and do some light stretching before early Sunday’s wake-up call and 7 a.m. race!

My watch, bib and shoes are ready, let’s get ready for Sunday!




One thought on “Final Preparations!

  1. All the best in your race! I’m looking forward for your post running blog!

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