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Indulgence in Vanity


My upcoming vacation has been well documented in recent posts, if you can’t tell I am extremely excited! It will be 8 days away from the office, I get to see my kid brother, spend the entire time with the BF, enjoy a week at a beach rental with a posy of pals and watch two of our best friends get married! So in an effort to camouflage my Wisconsin winter white complexion, I decided to try out spray tan. I have to admit I was a tanning bed-user in my youth – something about a little color on the body made being in a swimsuit 300+ days of the year in a cold climate more tolerable (and attractive!). But haven’t set foot near a tanning bed since college. With the known dangers of tanning beds and the pale white skin of an Irish-Catholic girl, at this point in my life I opted for a spray tan.

L.A. Tan in Madison was my destination. The receptionist was very polite, walking me though the hairnet, “barrier cream” and the sticky feet pads to wear in the machine. It was a quick and painless ordeal – just don’t breathe in while the spray is coming out (I was warned!). Rotate a little as it sprays your front, turn and sway gently while it gets your back – for a more even look. Well, I think my hands missed the memo on the even look…

One side seems a tad over-colored...

One side seems a tad over-colored.

I must have over applied the barrier cream to one side or just swayed a little to far in the left direction because my left hand looks like I left it in the sun for days, while the right still looks Wisconsin winter white, haha. Live and learn! Nothing a little exfoliator didn’t fix.

The rest of my body was covered pretty evenly and I have to admit looking at a newly tanned-self overnight was quite shocking but somewhat gratifying, especially when I know I avoided harmful UV rays in this version of a tan. The color will wear off by the weekend but I think I may go back for more before I leave for the Cape!

Anyone else out there tried spray tan? Any tips or tricks for longevity or evenness?


2 thoughts on “Indulgence in Vanity

  1. I have been debating trying a spray tan but am so scared I will come out all orange! I’m so glad you liked it!

    • Spray tan has come so far since the original days where people did come out orange. I was scared too! In most booths they have different tints you can request, so start with light color for a low-risk option.

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