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I was in a panic Sunday night, we were hosting a final gathering for our interns on Monday night and I had neglected to make treats. An intern once told me I was only second to his mother with my baking talents, I didn’t have the heart to tell him it’s because I practice, a lot. I’m a sporadic reader of Siriously Delicious (i.e. I binge on her posts a few times a month because we share a sweet tooth and she is so dang funny!) and had remembered these amazing looking Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies she had shared a couple weeks ago. The recipe had originated on Averie Cooks, which is another blog I have now added to my reading list.

The recipe substitutes cream cheese for a portion of the butter and includes cornstarch, which after refrigerating the dough overnight made the softest and chewiest chocolate chip cookies! So good in fact I didn’t even get a picture of the cookies before they disappeared! College kids plus exams is a recipe that makes food vanish. I may have to whip up another batch here soon and promise to share the the results. Click here to try yourself. Happy cooking!


One thought on “Cookies!

  1. I NEED to make those this weekend. They look amazing!

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