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A Case of the Mondays…

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This Monday morning didn’t quite go as planned. After a restful weekend it was a bit difficult to wake up this morning… In fact I pressed snooze on my alarm at 6:20 am and it was nearly 8 am before I pulled myself from my morning stupor. This is VERY unlike me and a frustrating way to start off the week. But I rebounded, grabbed quick shower while a couple trays of cookies baked in my oven for the afternoon celebration with our student interns and bolted out the door to the office. I survived the day without my traditional morning exercise, but that just meant I had procrastinated my sweat until this evening.

My go-to evening workout originated around Christmas 2010. My family is admittedly, excessively active – we all love to workout. So my sister put together the Miller Family Christmas Shred, which we all did together before Christmas dinner that year. We each picked two exercises, for a total of 12 exercises (my BF was lucky enough to be home for Christmas that year with us). We split those exercises into two rounds of six exercises, set the timer and did 1 minute of each exercise followed by 30 seconds rest. In between each round we did two minutes of cardio. We all earned our Christmas feast that night!

Since then I have made moderate adjustments and adopted the Home Shred into my workout schedule at least once a week. It is helpful (and healthy) to break up my cardio-heavy routine. Here’s my Home Shred:


I like to mix up the order in which I do the exercises and toss in a new exercise every few weeks. The routine consists of some body weight exercises and I also have 5-pound weights I add in on some exercises. Lately I’ve included a bonus fifth round to add a little extra sweat to the routine. I use the Interval Timer app on iPad/iPhone which is a perfect way to time the routine. I cool down with some time on the foam-roller too, my fave!

What are your favorite toning body-weight exercises?


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