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Keep Running… Half-Marathon Training

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I was a XC runner in high school but didn’t maintain running in college due to an injury. After college and with the void not swimming left in my life, I took up running again. I had a great partner in Charlottesville and got really comfortable maintaining a moderate mileage plan running about three days a week.

I ran the 10-miler race in Charlottesville for a few years and my first half marathon in December of 2011. I ran mostly for fitness and didn’t plan on doing long races. Once moving to Madison, I made friends with a super-fast runner and on a whim, entered the lottery for the 2013 New York Marathon. And by some sort of miracle I was picked for the lottery, in the year after it was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy! I followed a strict training program throughout the summer, had my great training partner drag me through long, fast runs and turned out a great time on marathon day.

It was a spectacular day!

It was a spectacular day in New York City!

It with that, the marathon bug bit. I’m not anxious to run out (no pun intended) and run another marathon but I am more encouraged to follow a plan and train for a new race. With our close friends’ wedding the week after Memorial Day, the Madison Half-Marathon became my new goal.


Love to check off these boxes each day!

I used this Runner’s World Plan as my inspiration, laid out my training plan and have been using the plan as inspiration to hit my weekly exercise goals.

A peak at a few of my training runs and a post-run splurge!

A peek at a few of my training runs and a post-run splurge!

Last weekend was my peak and I’m looking forward to some rest during the taper, then race day on May 25!


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